John Lawless -You Reap What You Sow from Mara Levine
In this time of musical mixing, we see bluegrass artists reaching into the Americana world where they hope to find a larger audience, and performers from outside our realm reaching in for some grassy goodness. Many’s the folk, country, or pop singer who has decided that their career wasn’t complete without a bluegrass record, a sentiment we heartily endorse. Everybody into the pool – the water’s fine!

The latest we have seen is successful folk artist Mara Levine, who has felt called to the bluegrass tradition for her upcoming Facets of Folk album, due early in 2018. A debut single, You Reap What You Sow, has just been released to radio. Mara says that soon as she heard the song, which she found within a pair of CDs she received from songwriter Sue Shann, she knew that she wanted to record it, and that it needed a bluegrass treatment.

So she set out to find the best musicians to suit the song, and ended up recording it with a batch of Nashville super pickers. Scott Vestal is on banjo, with Rob Ickes on reso-guitar, Andy Leftwich on mandolin, Mark Schatz on bass, and Bob Harris on guitar. To help with vocal harmonies, she enlisted Mollie O’Brien and Greg Blake, and the result is a lovely arrangement with Mara’s clear, folk-style voice atop a bluegrass place setting. Read More...
Jill Padua, Riverfolk Concerts

While Mara Levine doesn’t sing original songs, it truly doesn’t matter. She chooses songs or has songwriters create to suit her voice, and what a voice! With Gathering Time backing her up, it’s magical. Mara and Gathering Time performed at my series a few days ago and the audience loved it, and her. And the harmonies they created – spectacular. Mara was known by more people than Gathering Time, and they love her. Don’t hesitate to bring them in and she’ll do what she does best. Sing beautifully.”10/17 Read More...
Veta Gumber, DJ Bluegrass and Beyond KAFM Radio
“I first met Mara Levine at Folk Alliance in Kansas City. She was singing with a Bluegrass band. I tracked her down so I could hear her beautiful voice again. I have been listening to and playing Mara’s music ever since. I had the pleasure of booking Mara and Gathering Time into KAFM's Radio Room in Grand Junction, Colorado in August 2016.. The audience loved her! Mara selects songs with great care and her singing evokes emotions that you and I can feel in each one. Her voice is clear and deliberate as she takes you on a journey in each song.” 10/17 Read More...
David Amram - A thank you to Mara Levine for making us all remember the poetry of `lyricism
Some people, like the one described in Leonard Cohen’s classic song, are born with a Golden Voice. Mara Levine is one of those gifted few who fits that definition. Her voice is a natural gift but she has taken the responsibility of sharing that gift with anyone and everyone for whom she sings. Hearing her sing makes you stop whatever you are doing and LISTEN! Known for her warmth, sincerity and impeccable natural musicality, she make us all listen more intently, and celebrate the beauty that she brings to every song she sings and inspire us to do better ourselves, in whatever field we work in.

Try to go to hear her live or listen to anything she has done or does.

Mara Levine’s beautiful CD “Jewels and Harmony” makes it possible to celebrate excellence in the art of both jewelry making and singing, and show all of us that you can do many things of outstanding value in your lifetime and that beauty is there for all of us to rejoice as and participate in, whether we create it or sit back and take it all in.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder when you see Mara’s stunning designs, and in your ear and heart when you hear her sing.

So listening to her CD “Jewels and Harmony” reminds us that we can all savor beauty in all is forms and that I always tell young folks when thy are told that should specialize in one thing and ignore whatever is deemed unfashionable or no longer relevant, there are NEVER too many sunsets and NEVER too much Beauty!

Thank you Mara for what you have done and continue to do.


Beacon NY
John Dull - Pete and Toshi Seeger Memorial Wetlands Preservation Concert, May 30 2014
Mara Levine is a true professional. Her craft as a singer-performer is exceptional. You can count on Mara to have your audience singing or marveling at her beautiful voice while she performs an extraordinary and unique folk repertoire. Her demeanor backstage doing business is straight-on professional.You will be pleased with the outcome when you choose to promote Mara's act.. A fine talent. John Dull, JMHD Productions
Lorne Clarke, booker, Old Lynn concerts
The audience of The Old Lynn Concerts are a seasoned group with high expectations. Some might even say that they are spoiled, as over the past 13 years, many top-flight performers have been presented in the small, rural church tucked away in the northeastern corner of Pennsylvania. Last night, Mara Levine and her musical friends raised the bar yet again. Levine's gift for harmony and her powerful stage presence breathed new life into old songs and made instant favorites of the new. Engaging the audience from the outset, Mara Levine literally left her audience on a high note as she subtly converted them all to members of her own 120 person choir. Levine's concert was a highlight of the season. Lorne Clarke Read More...
Ron Olesko, president- Hurdy Gurdy Folk Club (New Jersey)
"I heard so many nice comments after the show. You were outstanding, and the audience loved you! It was a memorable performance!" - Ron Olesko, president- Hurdy Gurdy Folk Club (New Jersey) Read More...
Mark Schaffer, co-chair 2011 New Jersey Folk Project Festival
"Mara’s voice is instantly stunning, with its piercing beauty, pinpoint pitch, and a warm and comforting vibrato. Our audience loved her show, and, as a presenter, I found her to be a solid professional, dedicated to her art, charming to her fans, and a joy to work with in the business of making music a pleasure." - Mark Schaffer, co-chair 2011 New Jersey Folk Project Festival Read More...
Frank Moccaldi, booking agent-The Good Coffeehouse (Brooklyn, NY)
Mara Levine draws you to her with a warm, clear voice. Every note is pitch-perfect, and her song choices and harmonies are impeccable. Her presentations are inviting and they encourage not only a joining of voices, but also a joining of spirits. Mara is a performer who should not be missed, and she would be a treat for the entire family, no matter what their musical preferences are" - Frank Moccaldi, booking agent-The Good Coffeehouse (Brooklyn, NY) Read More...
Sol Zeller, president-Borderline Folk Club (Rockland County, New York)
"I was immediately impressed by her vocal talent, warm personality, and the tremendous rapport that she had with the audience. Whether doing a traditional folk song, one that was written by the legendary Si Kahn, or one of more recent vintage by Bob Franke, Pat Wictor or Eric Bogle, Mara gives the song her own unique interpretation much as an artist does when putting paint to canvas." - Sol Zeller, president-Borderline Folk Club (Rockland County, New York). Read More...
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