John Lawless -You Reap What You Sow from Mara Levine
In this time of musical mixing, we see bluegrass artists reaching into the Americana world where they hope to find a larger audience, and performers from outside our realm reaching in for some grassy goodness. Many’s the folk, country, or pop singer who has decided that their career wasn’t complete without a bluegrass record, a sentiment we heartily endorse. Everybody into the pool – the water’s fine!

The latest we have seen is successful folk artist Mara Levine, who has felt called to the bluegrass tradition for her upcoming Facets of Folk album, due early in 2018. A debut single, You Reap What You Sow, has just been released to radio. Mara says that soon as she heard the song, which she found within a pair of CDs she received from songwriter Sue Shann, she knew that she wanted to record it, and that it needed a bluegrass treatment.

So she set out to find the best musicians to suit the song, and ended up recording it with a batch of Nashville super pickers. Scott Vestal is on banjo, with Rob Ickes on reso-guitar, Andy Leftwich on mandolin, Mark Schatz on bass, and Bob Harris on guitar. To help with vocal harmonies, she enlisted Mollie O’Brien and Greg Blake, and the result is a lovely arrangement with Mara’s clear, folk-style voice atop a bluegrass place setting. Read More...
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