David Amram - A thank you to Mara Levine for making us all remember the poetry of `lyricism

Some people, like the one described in Leonard Cohen’s classic song, are born with a Golden Voice. Mara Levine is one of those gifted few who fits that definition. Her voice is a natural gift but she has taken the responsibility of sharing that gift with anyone and everyone for whom she sings. Hearing her sing makes you stop whatever you are doing and LISTEN!  Known for her warmth, sincerity and impeccable natural musicality, she make us all listen more intently, and celebrate the beauty that she brings to every song she sings and inspire us to do better ourselves, in whatever field we work in.

Try to go to hear her live or listen to anything she has done or does.

Mara Levine’s beautiful CD “Jewels and Harmony” makes it possible to celebrate excellence in the art of both jewelry making and singing, and show all of us that you can do many things of outstanding value in your lifetime and that beauty is there for all of us to rejoice as and participate in, whether we create it or sit back and take it all in.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder when you see Mara’s stunning designs, and in your ear and heart when you hear her sing.

So listening to her CD “Jewels and Harmony” reminds us that we can all savor beauty in all is forms and that I always tell young folks when thy are told that should specialize in one thing and ignore whatever is deemed unfashionable or no longer relevant, there are NEVER too many sunsets and NEVER too much Beauty!

Thank you Mara for what you have done and continue to do.


Beacon NY


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