August 24, 2014 Bardonia , NY
Borderline Folk Music Club Tribute to Pete Seeger
Germonds Park

Borderline Folk Music Club annual free picnic, concert and Jam  12 noon - 6pm

This year's program honors Pete Seeger.  15 artists will perform songs of Pete Seeger and songs nspired by him.   A musical panel with musicians who were close to Pete.

Bring a picnic lunch, blankets, lawn chairs. 

For info or reservations contact Sol Zeller, 845-354-4586 or

Artists: Christopher Brown, Jim Colbert, Marybeth D'amico, James Durst & Madhumita Chakrabartti, Dan Einbender, Loretta and Gary Hagen, Josh Joffen, Larry Kolker, Pat Lamanna, Mara Levine, Anne Price, Michael Scolnick, Jeff Scroggins, Maggie Seligman,Stout( Bob Conroy, Frank Hendricks, Frank Woerner)

Jam circle led by Roger Sprung,

Emcees:  Jim Colbert, Bill Hahn, Michael Kornfeld, Joe Pzonek

Craft vendors welcome







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